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Book: Past Due

Past Due

By C.S. Winchester
When the bad guy is a human and the vampire is an ally, it's no wonder things get a little complicated!
Francis 'Frankie' Wright thought she was an old hat at dealing with the supernatural, until she's reassigned to Edinburgh, the most haunted city in the world.
As a psychic working for MI5, Frankie Wright's job is to make sure that what goes bump in the night stays firmly in the imagination of the British public but after relocating to Edinburgh, her first case soon takes a deadly turn.
Young women are being slain in satanic rituals and it's up to Frankie to find the murderer before he kills again. Frankie must juggle vampires, shapeshifters, zombies and witches, all while trying to keep the truth from her sceptical ex-boyfriend, William Campbell, who just happens to be heading up the police investigation.

The clock is ticking and and she soon finds herself forced to team up with the vampires and shapeshifters in order to stop the killer before he can literally unleash hell on earth.

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