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excerpt from AVampT

She looks out her window, it's still raining. It had been raining sense about 9 o'clock yesterday. A steady sleeting sort of rain. The grayness of the past day or so continued to were almost everyone down, almost everyone. It wouldn't, couldn't touch her. It wouldn't be able to touch her if it continued a week or even a year. She turns from the window. She still could not believe that today she would marry her love, Jonah Lenvel. He's a an artist, a painter, that's how she met him.
He sales his paintings on the street, he'd seen her going by several times and felt that he had to paint her. She'd agreed to sit for him when he asked. That was just the beginning. She poised for him there, were he was selling his work. He was, like most painters, poor in his art. Later on in the romance she had diner with him in his humble flat.

***this book is avalable for the Kindle or in print

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